Beautiful Bali

Spent a week in bali for winter break … for the new year as well
We spent hours on the beach and seaside which of course resulted in sun burns and massive sun tan. Well, we’re in Bali. Of course we have to try on the water sports like Jet Ski, Banana Boats and so on.

I went on the jet ski with my cousin, and it was all my fault that the whole jet ski flipped over since i was driving too fast and the waves were too big! . It was ALOT OF FUN!! though my piercing got infected … that was my 3rd cartilage piercing.
i enjoyed it over all and the fire works lasted almost an hour! It wasn’t even a private firework event where each family put out some, it was the government who did that. but i miss puncak since we get to put our own fire works out. And its usually from the 29th till the 1st day 1 am.
i hang out with my cousin <3!! thats fun

Christmas this year, many family members didnt attend -_-
but over all, its heart warming. chirstmas is the time for caring and giving to others


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