“When you…”

” Disaat kamu ingin melepasnya,ingatlah pada saat kamu ingin mendapatkannya,
Disaat kamu mulai tidak mencintainya,ingatlah saat pertama kali kamu jatuh cinta padanya,
Disaat kamu mulai bosan dengannya,ingatlah saat terindah bersamanya
Disaat kamu ingin menduakannya.ingatlah jika ia selalu setia,
Disaat kamu ingin membohonginya,ingatlah saat ia jujur padamu…”

I saw this on my senior’s facebook page… so i decided to blog about it. It is in Bahasa, but i had no trouble. but i decided to translate it into english.
Rough translation of this to english is:

“When you want to let go, remember the moment when you want to have it,
When you start to not love, remember the moment when the first time you fell in love with it,
When you start to get bored with it, remember when you miss it,
When you want to have an affair, remember that he/she is always faithful,
When you want to lie, remember when he/she is truthful to you…”

Often times we complain about things we have or obtained, we totally forgot about the moments when we did not have it. We always want things we don’t have but then we complain about it after awhile. Too pampered i guess? I began thinking about this few sentences, and it started to make alot of sense to me. How people should cherish people, how to remember, how to be loyal…

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