2nd day at Ma Moison

Okay, so first day was great yesterday even though it was my first day working as a waitress. I have to admit, it was tiring! 9 hour shift for 2 days in a row! but its a day off tomorrow ^^ It’s not bad as what people say. Restaurants are the hardest to work at due to peak hour during lunch and dinner

Even though my foot was aching, i felt happy and all the pain was worth everything when the customers left with a full tummy and a smile. And mind you, it’s a japanese resto… So it’s not cheap. AT ALL!!! The cheapest was $25 with tax and service charge at the end of it. There were only a Singaporean guy (Craig) and I working on dinner. So it’s at least 40 table vs. Craig and I. Running around in a Japanese Tonkatsu restaurant with 1 teenage waitress and one 21-year-old university guy is actually fun. The kitchen staff were so funny! trying to teach Mizuki-san dirty words and making her ask me what it means. But since her pronunciation is bad, no one understands her so it’s not so bad. ^^

So, i think im gonna do a character analysis on the people I’m working with.

Romano – Manager/ Supervisor of Ma Maison Tonkatsu in Mandarin Gallery. Apparently he’s Indonesian. If there isn’t many customers, he’ll not be happy. But once a lot of customer enters, he’ll be sitting by the cashier smiling while Craig and I run around like crazy!

Mizuki – I don’t know what position she’s at (can see it’s quite high), but she’s ultra friendly! She always stay OT and help us with work when we’re not done after 10 PM. She didn’t need too, but she did any ways ^^

Main chef – Japanese guy. His name is too long for me to memories! He’s really quite but funny ^^

Assistance chef ( Ronnie) – This malaysian guy is a joke! always making fun aunty lily since she’s shorter then him. But he seemed stressed out today. Before dinner shift started, i caught him banging the wardrobe door. 

Aunty lilie – she helps with soup, rice, veges and some other things in the kitchen with the chef. Likes to make fun of me hehehehe

Shoji – another trainee that works only on the lunch shift. WHY??!!! 

Craig – The other waiter i’ve been working with for the past 18 hours of my life! We were practically running to tables with food, order chits, menu, food, drinks and things i do not remember. An university dude of 21- years- old, who’s pretty good looking,


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