1 week at Ma Moisom

One week of work! My legs don’t hurt so bad anymore, but it still hurt a little. I have less then a month in Ma Moison Tonkatsu since school is starting on the first week of August, and i need to prepare for school. So i’ll just stop earlier so i have enough rest before school starts. I’ll have to tell Romano i’ll be stopping on the 31st (Sunday) so he won’t ask the kirchen staff to fry me and he can get replacements earlier  too ^^ Or Craig will die too, since there is only him and i as waiter/waitress. 

I can’t believe i’m working! but by working, my social life is gone! other then the 3 hours break i have i will text, tweet and BBM. but it’s only 2 and a half hours since i have to change back for work! So, sorry my friends if i haven’t been texting you! My whole life is wake up – work – go home – sleep – and wake up for work again since i’m taking full time. Weekends (friday and saturdays) are crazy! Thank goodness they call in another waitress or waiter from Bugis or Parco or Craig and I are dead. So far it’s Casslyn, Sylvia and Fu ping coming in to help. Shoji only works 3 hours for lunch on week days. What the shit right? 

Anyways, being the maknae at work is fun too! but they always forget i’m underage and offer me Yebisu or Asahi. hehehe, i should try next time though

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