forgeting things that will never happen.

First monthsary of work! Yaey? Nah… Its not a happy thing for me. Why? Because Craig wants to stop working. And yes, I’ve liked him for 2 weeks. I have to stop liking him since its a gone case, a hopeless one. its my last day seeing him and it just makes me more sure I should forget about him.

As people say, having a crush hurts. It just crushes your heart and everything once you know that its going to be impossible. I’ll just need some time to forget about him I guess. Having to work with him everyday wont help me to forget him fast. I just realise, there is a lot of things that can happen in a month. Having fond feelings towards someone and having it crushed by the same person is just unbearable.

I’m not expecting anything, but since he knew I like him, he should have killed it early so I can move on. But he had to freaking drag.

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