Summer vacations 11th Grade

Summer 2011 is finally over! Nooooo!!! It’s the worse thing ever!
10 weeks of summer over in such a short time. Now to think of it, all i’ve been doing is slack for the first 5 weeks in Indonesia and Singapore and then work in Ma Moison Tonkatsu for the next 5 weeks.


I’ve met so many people and learn a lot of things during the past few weeks. Gained more friends, losesome in the process as well. Well, at least i’ve gained many other things so the lost was worth it. In work, it was good since it’s my first time working and people are actually nice towards me. In my social life as well, i’ve made quite a lot of friends (mostly ACS barker people and Ngee An Poly). Bonding times with Tasha and her boyfriend on 2 double dates and many of my friends from ICS =D  Thank God for all these, HE has put into my life

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