Back home for CNY + Food poisoning

Went home to Indonesia for 1 week during the CNY holidays! It was great meeting my family once again. From Batam to Jakarta then Selatpanjang. It was… tiring and traveling wise, it was really time consuming. Our flight from batam to jakarta got delayed a day, and the boat to Selatpanjang from batam is 4 hours. But i don’t do it a whole lot, going back home. So i guess its fine. My aunt got married over the holidays 😀 That pretty lady finally is settled down! I don’t remember what we consumed on sunday, but it made my brothers and i have food poisoning. All those nasty stuff, puking and running in and out of the toilet. that was the only one bad thing.

One thing about selatpanjang is that we have a tradition of riding the trishaws from day 1 to day 6 of CNY. What we do is pour/splash water to other people and buy cans of snow spray to spray other trishaws. Fireworks and firecrackers are being put off everyday and night. On the 6th night, the richer chinese people will buy alot of firecrackers and put it off in public. many families do it at the same lane near a tample. and day 7 is “Human day” 😀 We have

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