19th Feb with @lynnveea , @JaciDeeBlacks and Super Junior

Gosh! SS4SG day 2 with Leny and Dee was crazy!

This was right outside the stadium before the concert started. we got there 30 mins before we were suppose to enter. Leny and I are on pen A while Dee was alone sitting. Remembered queing for 10 hours for pen A last year for SS3SG hehehe!

In the stadium with Leny 😀

Hiding DSLR from the guards was scary, but i got some quality pictures of them 😀 Threw Leny’s “fake” flowers and it got on Sungmin’s hand even though he did not know it was coming! he was truly shocked but laughed and played with it after 😀

These are some of the pictures i took 😀 Thank you Leny for watermarking my pictures If unable to view, please visit SS4 Singapore Day 2

Alas! after concert and dinner, we got home to my place and rested for the night and before that, spazzed of course (with pictures hehehe) before Leny and Dee’s flight ( in the morning

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