Tioman Island – Ess/Bio Trip

Back to civilization from the middle of nowhere! *Not really nowhere, Its Malaysia to be right*

We left school Wednesday (4th of April) morning 4:50AM to Malaysia and got there in the afternoons and did some prep talks and walk. After many misfourtuneate events, we left Tioman on Sunday morning (8th of April) and got back to Singapore in the evenings.

One video/Movie that can describe this time’s school trip in Tioman, it’s exactly like. I remember how the whole Hunger game look like coz i watched it 3 times before going to Tioman

I am not even kidding! We went to mangroves, rainforests and snorkeling. Well, i didn’t do snorkeling coz i have fish phobia. But, the rainforest and mangroves… freaky! If i did not accidentally delete the pictures i took, i will post it up. There were birds singing (so alike the mocking jay) and mosquitoes (The trackerjackers). Ecofieldtrips biologist and the teachers will be like the game makers and the other guest will be like the audiance. They just watch us there!

Many people got sunburns, bitten by bed bugs and stung by jelly fishes. Well me? Non of the mentioned. But, I fell off a flight of stairs which caused me a big bruise on my butt. While climbing the rainforest, i got my first asthma attack in 7 years and i fell (like always, on my right knee) Very different from other people. We all did bonfire on the last day, but i believe it was a big fail. some pictures are up on instagram and tumblr. there are the links!

Tumblr 😀 Instagram

Big gossip sessions but could not really finish any of it because most of the gossips are related to some people in the group. Epic right? I wrote a blog on my tumblr but its gone 😦 oh well, to lazy to re write it again.

Bond Fire

1844401_orig 2228261_orig 6748537_orig

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