First week of summer

Summer holiday started a week ago! and i have officially slacked for a week with only sleeping and wasting money. The only days i didnt sleep around was on tuesday when i went out with Merrie and Lisa; and on thursday when i went out with Joan.

On Tuesday, we got to orchard and get our nails done plus lunch at ajisen ramen! 😀 sad thing is, 19$ menicure at Far east plaza is not worth it! i rather spend $25 in Mandarin Gallery’s snail. So much better there. On thursday, Joan and I went to watch I AM 😀 Omg, DBSK and Super Junior *spazz like hell* speechless! but the movie was 50% SNSD, 30% F(x), only 1% for BoA and KangTa added together! How is that fair? Kangta and BoA gave the most contribution to SM, and they don’t get privileges. Thank goodness there isnt Exo, i think they are too over rated.

Went to East Coast beach after a long time!! Went there because mom and her cell group had an outing. It was good that i went though, i got to se
e pretty sunsets 😀 Spent so much on my brother and his friend. $15 total! my debit card 😦 no money liao~ No school means no money.

I don’t get iphone. My imessage can’t be verified nor sent by my number, only my email. So you guys there! want to imessage me, please send it through my email!

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