Skin care routine – as of August 2012

This is my current skin care routine which I have tried for 2 months and really worked. It’s mainly Asian cosmetics, and it’s all on my personal point of view. I have to clarify my skin condition – I have oily combination and acne prone skin, and it’s extremely sensitive as well.

Face wash
Daily – morning
Clinic liquid facial soap mild – oily combination

Every 2 weeks, I will switch between these two for my nightly skin care

Wonder Pore Whipping Foaming (Etude House)

This really helped me control my sebum level. i can use sunblock and such but not feel oily through out the day. but I can’t use this too often or my face’s natural sebum will be gone in 2 months. It helps to make the pores smaller after trying it out for a week.

AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser (Etude house)

It really helped with my pimple, and relatively helped control my sebum level on the 2 week nights when I’m not using the wonder pore foam.

I have recently changed back to the Arsainte line after trying the Suhwang snow, a really nice smelling toner and moisturiser, but for me the moisturiser does not work. It dries out my skin. This is what I’m using currently.

Arsainte Eco – therapy extreme – moisture Tonic with essential (Face shop)

This is something I have repurchased, and I love it even more! It’s a toner with a little bit of essence in it so there is no need to have additional step of essence in any skin care

Arsainte Eco -Therapy Crystal Water Super Gel (Face shop)

It’s a new product in the line Arsainte Eco. Although its suppose to be a product for dry skin, it works for my oily skin. It does not become oily after applying. I’m not sure if its because its a gel, it gives my face a non oily feel even though i put sunblock after it for at least 10 hours, the after feel when the skin absorbs it is like a natural skin. It doesn’t feel dry nor oily.

Sun block
Natural Sun AG SPF 45 PA++

My favourite sun block of all times! It doesn’t feel oily on the skin nor does it leave a heavy feel on your skin when applied. It can work as a base if you want to use make up.

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