Lemon Cheese Cake

Cheese Cake with Lemon


For the fillings
2 blocks of cheese ( 8 oz )
2 eggs
2 tea spoon of lemon flavouringFor the crust
Graham crackers
ButterAfter baking for 1 hour with 300 Degree fahrenheit , leave it in the fridge for at least 3 hours to  cool down the cheese.

I have it made just because i wanted to try making cheese cake so i did not have to buy them in cafes anymore. There are many different recipes that mixes chocolate or raspberry but for the first time, a plain cheesecake would be ideal then making something fancy and ruin everything. I found that i have had too much cheese fillings so it tasted quite sickening after the 5th bite. For those who do not like cheese as much, 1 block of cheese and 1 egg will be enough. If i were to do it again, the lemon flavouring i would leave it as it is as it blends well with the strong taste of cheese without tasting quite sick. the crust was quite soft, most probably because of too much butter in it. I would really want to do a oreo cheese cake for Christmas this year instead of chocolate cup cakes or just chocolate chip cookies with oatmeal.

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