November favourites – Drugstore and high end

Today I’m just going to write about my November favourite make up and skin care products. I’ve purchased some make up and skin care products, and also tried on some samples given along as I bought my items.

Lets start with the make up. I’ve recently purchased 4 eyeshadow colour. 1 from Urban Decay in the colour Sin, and 3 from Lioele – Wedding Pink, Shine pink peach and Cream Beige. The ones I’m love (or practically used a lot over the month of November) has got to be the Cream Beige and Wedding pink. The cream beige is a golden colour with slight shimmer while the wedding pink is a more pinker and a less shimmer colour of the Urban Decay Sin. Although its not as pigmented, it gives me the feeling that not using as heavy of a make up and more suitable of a day make up product then a night time one. I don’t like to have too much shimmer on a daytime. It’s really light as compared to the similar colours I have from Urban Decay. If you want to try out products from Lioele, try Keautystore. They sell not only Lioele products but also from many other Korean brands for a reasonable price. I believe they do ship worldwide.

BB cream wise, I’m currently in love with the Missha’s Signature Wrinkle BB Wrinkle Filler BB Cream Perfect Cover. It does not have a grey casting on my skin and leaves a very breathable, light weight feeling on my skin all day. I have very oily skin, this helps with the oil control without sapping my natural sebum out. Mine is in number 21.

Eyeliner in form of gel from the faceshop has always been my favourite, but good news is here. They have a new repackage of it, it now comes in form of gel and pencil~ it’s a lot more convenient to being it out and to apply on to my waterlines. In singapore and indonesia, they only have one gel eye liner but in 3 different colour. The pencil version is less wet then the gel (obviously) so it drys faster and I don’t have to worry too much for water line.

Skin care products this month or two will have to be the Skinfood white egg foam face wash. It helps with getting rid if Black heads. I would say its a more gentle version of a facial scrub that we see everyday to get rid of blackheads. It can be used daily, unlike scrubs which is only 2/3 times a week. The soft feeling when put on to the face is very warm and it does not smell like eggs.

Lip balm – Kiehl’s facial fuel no shine moisturiser lip balm. Although I just had it for a week, I already am in love with its minty scent, which is really similar to mentos. It does not have a oily feeling like mabeline’s lip balm, it is still relatively moisturising and last longer on the lips. It even has a sweet taste to it.

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