Christmas in Singapore

Merry Christmas everyone ^^

This is practically the first time I spent christmas over in singapore. During Christmas Eve’s church service, we were all given coupons and asked to collect free books written by our pastor Djohan ~ and of course I had to grab the English edition of the book since my Indonesian isn’t fluent. The service maybe alittle long winded, from 6 pm till around 9pm that night I guess it’s a blessing in disguise. Thank The Lord that we were given bread as honestly I haven’t had my lunch nor dinner that day yet before the service.

With a really close friend of mine ^^ practically grew up together since our parents are from the same church clique.


Bread from church

Can’t find the book as of now, I guess it’s in the car

Christmas dinner with cousins was fun ^^ Roasted Chicken (instead of turkey). Since only 2 families (including us) are in Singapore, we do get lonely at times. Get together at times are fun ^^ but poor Joseph was sick so there were only 5 of us.


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