Japan Trip to celebrate the 2013 New Year

Happy New Year to everyone! now we can take the “2012 apocalypse” as a joke and move on with life!

Recently, My family and I went to Taiwan and Japan for christmas. We went to taiwan specifically for my parents 20th anniversary wedding photo shoot. I met up with a friend of mine from Taiwan, which i was happy to meet with 😀 The Grand Place (Taipei, Taiwan) with Shuda 姐姐 Although i don’t have a full post of my Taiwan trip, i’m planning to do one soon after editing some pictures.

At Japan, the last day was my parents’ real 20th wedding anniversary, and Wita tours from Indonesia gave them a cake.

Here are some pictures of us in Japan.

Whole Group


Little Red Ridding Hood? Or Not so little black ridding hood?

I wished i could have taken this bear home as part of my teddy bear collection ^^

Too much snow and wind at one go for my liking. Too cold and windy, Indonesia and Singapore don’t have them 😀

Ignore that warm pack i put on my face! it was raining that day and it was too cold

Orange me – Orange jacket and orange hair with the pretty snow 😀

My mom and I while jet snowing – it was too cold for me i could not be bothered to take out the helmet

A weird picture my dad took of us at the Tokyo Disney Sea, i don’t remember the name of the ride we took though

Though i am thankful of Wita Tours for their guide in Japan, i thought they could have done better on their time management on the tour. We flew on the night of 27th from Jakarta, and got to Japan around 7am their time. We flew straight to Hokkaido, which here i thought they could have brought us to Disney Land/Sea instead of pushing it into the last day (on the 2nd of January) when they know its going to be crowded and when everyone is exhausted. We ended up on the 2nd of January with only 5 hours to play at Disney Land/Sea from 1Pm to 6PM since we flew from Hokkaido to Tokyo that morning, and everyone had to wake up at 5am. Since it was winter, they knew sunlight was limited compared to summer, yet we spent more time on traveling to other towns of Hokkaido in the day instead of making use of the time to have fun. We spent one day only watching a ninja show, a Geisha show and visiting the bear cage. It wasn’t really worth the money. I hope they could make good use of time in the future.

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