Boxes – WishTrend and BellaBox

Alright! Those who has been wanting to try services like Wishtrend but want to try something not korean or for whatever reason, you can try BellaBox Autralia if you’re located in Australia and BellaBox Singapore in Singapore. Even though Wishtrend delivers to overseas for a price, there are some people who don’t like the long wait because of the international shipping, some want something that is not korean or some just want a to try a box for cheaper price (due to delivery cost). Do click on the names for the direct link. Note: I am not affiliated to any of these services to blog about them nor am I getting any special privileges from them.

I would like to try Wishtrend as I have heard many good reviews on their services and the products. Wishtrend being a Korean brand, they provide more of Korea’s products like Mustave and Skin79 but not limited to them. BellaBox provides a more internationally mixed product as I believe it is not based only from a country. While there is for the box purchase, they also collaborated with Liah Yoo, or known as yellowycream in youtube and opened up WishtrendTV/Wishtrend.Net. In this website, Liah analyses the different styles in Korea.

For those not familiar to Wishtrend or BellaBox related brands, it’s basically website that once you have paid a subscription fee for a certain amount of month that prefer, let’s say 3 months, they will send you a box every month or whichever month you prefer. You can always buy a subscription and stop the subscription, but please do make sure to read the terms and conditions before going a head to buy them. In different months, there are different things in the box they will give you – both full and travel size of some items. It’s a really good surprise to get them although every start of the month they will tell you want they will have on the box and you can get them if you want. For how little you pay, it’s really worth it because there are a combination of full size products and travel size products which total up (plus the box case) will cost more then the $20 you pay for each box. Prices will depend on the company you chose to make your subscription upon.

2 thoughts on “Boxes – WishTrend and BellaBox

  1. hello ^^ i have checked both the beauty box companies and i have to admit that i’m interested with the wishtrend. i just hope they’re cheaper LOL and too bad they use paypal. i don’t have credit cards T^T do you subscribe to any of them?
    anyway, this is such a lovely blog. subsribe to you right away ❤

    1. Sadly, life of a student means being on heavy budget. The shipping fee is insane as well. I am hoping to get a part time job after high school graduation so I can go get something from there.

      Thanks ^^ I subscribed back already

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