[Updated] Travel essentials – Make up, Skin Care, and Hair care

Travel essentials

Hi everyone! I thought I should share some of what I bring with me when I travel since I am travelling very often these days. From face, hair to make up. This will change ALOT and constantly since i am constantly buying cosmetics and im forever traveling to different places.


For face care, i bring practically everything other then the change in my toner and i would leave out the Wonder Pore cleansing foam since i changed from my previous toner to the Wonder Pore line by Etude.
I recently also started to use the Wonder Pores Toner by Etude house, so I bought the really small bottle that is in Etude to contain it. Cotton pads can always be bought later.
Sunblocks I would also use samples. Don’t be afraid to ask for samples when you go out as it is helpful when you travel for a short time like a week. Although i ask for samples at times, i would usually bring along my The Face Shop – Natural Sun AQ super white sun cream. I have been using this for awhile and gone through 2 bottles of this. Currently using the 3rd bottle.

All of them (other then the toothbrush) i will put on a yellow striped pouch from Cotton On when it was on sale and leave it with the check in counter.

The shampoo I use to bring around with me is from Ascience. the bottle is in light pink colour.
Since im into dying and bleaching my hair, i have had to use conditioner. I was given 3 packs of shampoo and conditioner samples from Essentials a couple of months back since I did a survey for them. I just bleached my hair and it did wonders for them after washing it off.
I wanted to give more to my hair so i decided to try Etude House’s hair mist, which i actually like. The line has conditioner and treatment as well. I fell in love with the smell and the bottle was easy to bring around and easy to spray on the hair without making it look oily or too wet. Although there are better hair mist, this is alright for the price. The conditioner, shampoo and treatment i don’t use the line.

Make Up
BB Cream – Etude House/ Skin79
I bought a Skin79 VIP Gold in 30ML during a website sale in December last year. It gives a light/sheer coverage and it is very light weight. 30 ML is a very friendly size to bring around, to be put into my bag or luggage. The Etude house minerals Bb cream has more SPF and coverage compared to the skin79 one I’ve got, so I bring it along incase I need extra.

Setting powder – Etude House
Shinin Star in Lavender was my choice since the colour looked really interesting. Lavender is really never a setting powder, mostly a high light colour. It has a very slight shimmer and finishes my BB cream well. I don’t recommend a mineral loose powder as It might spill.

Concealer – Skin Food
Skin Food’a under eye salmon concealer may specifically say that it’s for under eyes, but it works for all over as well. I don’t have much spots I need to cover, and usually any foundation or Bb cream can cover them up perfectly, so I usually need only help on my under eye. School is stressful and holidays like Chinese New Year means no time to sleep as its a period of visitations. I only sleep 4/5 hours these days because of projects and exams and university applications so my eye bags are crazy! Skin food’s under eye concealer may be a cream concealer, but it doesn’t run into the creases once its dry. Put setting powder over it!

Powder Foundation – Chanel
My best friend got me the Chanel Mat Lumiere in 10 during my 17th birthday and I have been using this powder foundation ever since. Of course its not the one she gave me then, i finished it up and already re purchased it when i was in HongKong. Since its a powder foundation, it’s easy to apply when I’m walking around in countries I visit without messing my hands.


Eyeshadow – i chose from my 2 favourite “drug store” brand Nyx and Wet n Wild. i forget the name of the Nxy palette I have but for Wet and Wild trio palette, I brought it Sweet as candy. Nxy’s 5 eyeshadow palette has 5 natural gold type colours while the Sweet as Candy from wet and wild has a shimmery pink, white and brown. In each palette, they give natural colours. Palettes are easy to bring out as there are already a few colours in one, instead of having loose single eyeshadows. Both are a lot smaller then the Naked Palette 2 I have.

Chanel’s Stylo Yeux water proof eyeliner in Ebene truly lives up to the name not only it is truly black, it’s waterproof enough to be put on the waterline and last the whole day.

M.A.C Painterly Pot in my opinion is the easiest eyeshadow primer/base to carry around since its in a small glass case. Much easier then liquid primers as there is no need to worry about liquid limits and space limits.

Eyebrow pencil from Tony Moly called lovely eye brow pencil is easy to bring around as at one end and a spolie at one end. I have 6 different colours since i dye my hair different colour all the time. its always nice to have a colour of each. It has the pencil on one side, and a spolie/ brush on another.

Maybelline’s colour stay lipsticks has great pigmentations and stays whole day. Great for travelling as it needs less touching ups. It doesnt say which colour it is sadly 😦

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