3 days valentine – Pre, the actual day and Post

So~ I came back to Singapore the day before valentines day with daddy since I wanted to study on valentines day to make up for the “long weekend” which I spent in Indonesia for Chinese New Year visitations. I did bring some stuff back home to study, but I didn’t do much. My plan to study practically failed since the plan to have lunch only with Joan ended up to be a half day hang out. Well, after she left I did my business homework, which was alright.

Although I don’t have a boyfriend, I had 3 “valentines date”, a pre valentines dinner with dad, a brunch and dinner with Joan on the day of valentines and a post valentines dinner with Veronica. It was epic how much I have spent these 3 days, and I fell into temptations of buying 2 BH 88 Palettes, 1 matte 1 shimmery. 4 eat outs and 2 eyeshadow palettes. I think I’m killing myself. Not to mention I repurchased my favourite Chanel eyeliner and got a mac blacktrack fluid line to try. That on make up I’ll post on a different post since I really bought a lot of things. Those red packet money was suppose to be set aside for church, abit of fan girling and presents. Crazy me! Anyways, lets get on to the food pictures!

Out of all the places, Kenny Roger’s at Parkway was extremely disappointing, Joan approves as well about this.

Pre Valentines Day
I went to get cake and flowers with daddy so he can bring it back to Selatpanjang for my mom as it was her birthday. He bought roses for some of my aunts as well. We ate dinner together at Vivo City’s Aoba, a Japanese Ramen shop.




Roses from daddy^^


I look so damn pale and washed out!

Valentines Day – Joan
Supposed to meet for brunch but guess what happened? For carried away and shopped around too~ Prologue for Lunch





Kenny Rogers @ Parkway Parade (Dinner)





Post Valentines Day – Veronica
Veronica and I had tuition together after school for Business and management. We ended up getting dinner together after.

TGIFriday’s @ I12Katong




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