Dinner with best friend and her sister

This week had been a crazy stressful week for me! Right after Chinese New Year, we have our IB Mock exams, which I honestly wasn’t prepared for. Especially Psychology and Math paper 2. Now, I have to study harder for my psychology paper 2 which is on this coming Tuesday. I really screwed paper 1, I have to work harder for paper 2.

So, I met my best friend who came to visit from Indonesia again ^^ we use to study together before she went back to Indonesia with her family to study due to some family problems. How I wished I could go back and study as well~ the funny part about yesterday that when I wanted to go home since I could find her since her phone was broken, she called me with her Indonesian number since my number was the only one she had in her indo number hehehe~ ended up meeting only at 8:30. I haven’t met her for a few months. And I don’t know, we didn’t take pictures together because we were never the type to take pictures until forced I guess.

I went to coffee bean and sephora while waiting~ which wasn’t bad that I had some alone time for my self.


I wanted to post a FOTD and OFTD but the lighting wasn’t that great so I skipped it obviously.

So 3 of us (her, her sister and I) went for dinner at Cut by Wolfgang in Marina Bay Sands.

Side dishes




The main dish wasn’t decorated nicely so I couldn’t be bothered to get a picture of it. It was nice, to catch up with my best friend. But I’m not the type to actually like fine dining since the price, obviously, is too much. I stopped my summer job so practically I’m living with a budget. Shopping was fine, but I never really got high end stuff since its way past my budget. But since she’s coming back next month again, she’s a better reason to start saving up to bring her out to have something nice to eat. Make up as a reason isn’t really working for me to save up. ^^ but I don’t know where to bring her out to – TGIFridays or high tea 😦 I don’t want to just bring her to places I go on a normal basis. I want to bring her somewhere nice.

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