[REVIEW] Lioele Colour Eye Shadows

Lioele Eyeshadows… Where do I start with this? I really have mixed feeling with the eyeshadows. It’s price range for their eyeshadows is at the American drugstore level (because in South East Asia, “drugstore” make up can cost almost as much as brands like M.A.C. The price for a maybelline mascara cost around $20). i stumbled upon KeautyStore i believe november of 2012 since they were having promotions on their blog. I wanted to get some Asian cosmetics that are affordable since i was only starting on make up other then foundation and concealer back in October 2012. Including shipping fee, i got them for $21.70.

Lioele appealed to me since they have most of the colours i want: Gold, Pink and Peach. In the description they look really pigmented and easy to work with. So i went ahead and killed myself shopping. The three colours i got was pink wedding (an obvious pink judging by its name), a bright gold named Cream Beige, and Shine Peach Pink.


I was shocked when i first opened the single eyeshadows because they are not what i have expected. It was extremely shimmery! Pink Wedding and Cream Beige when applied had quite abit of glitter fall outs, and when applied it looked like pink and gold shimmers/glitters instead of pink and gold. Shine peach pink is a nice peach colour that has very slight shimmer and amongst the three that i have bought it was my favourite.

It was difficult to get the colours to show out on my eyes as compared to swatching them on my hand. I had to make sure i got a huge amount on my fingers/brush or the colour will not transfer to my lids or hand. There are always a lot of products that is not transfered to my lids/fingers. From the swatches you are going to see even though it is swiped on the back of my palm once, I had to put pressure on my finger to get a good amount. Most of them are extremely powdery, that is one of the reasons why there is a lot more fall outs then baked shadow.

Here are the swatches

Without primer

With primer

Compared side to side

The primer i used is the Benefit’s “Stay don’t Stray”. The only colour that actually showed up more with this primer is the Shine Peach Pink. With primer, the other two don’t have as much fall outs compared to without. I would recommend to use a base like NYX’s Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk with the Pink Wedding and Cream Beige to actually show the colours (Pink and Gold) instead of only the shimmer. Out of the three, i would only recommend Shine Peach Pink, since it was the only colour that showed up true to its colour on the pan and actually can be worn alone on a daily basis.

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