Etude House Haul February 2013 – 30% Off

Since I’m done with mock exams, it means I have more time to blog now, until my real exam starting April until May. Then I graduate from high school. Here’s my Etude House haul I did during the week where they were having 30% off (in Singapore), the whole month of February where there were promotions (In Jakarta, Indonesia) and while I was in Taiwan. So this is a collective haul from end of December till mid February. I will list which I got from which country.

Indonesia Haul – Various promotions during the month of February

Skin Malgum – Fresh (180,000 RPH)


Skin Malgem in Korean means clear skin. In the line of Skin Malgum, there are toners and Emulsions. I bought one of the toners which supposingly helps oily skin. I wanted to try this, and since there was a discount when I visited Indonesia for the Lunar New Year I decided to get it. It was 100,000 Rupiah off, so why not? It’ll be cheaper then Singapore anyway.

Singapore Haul – 30% Discount for a week.

AC Clinic Daily – Acne cleansing foam


This cleaner is a part of my night skin care routine to help with my acne prone skin. Since this has been useful for my brother’s and my acne prone skin, I bought this as a back up since im finishing mine soon.

Shini Star BB lotion and Clear Pact


When i previously purchased a clear pact in lavender, I really liked the packaging and was intrigued with the purple colour. Although I thought it would give me a purple look, it came out clear. So I made use of the 30% off to get a back up of this. But compared to my Chanel matte Lumier powder foundation which I at first as a setting powder and a foundation, there is still a big difference since this doesn’t provide coverage. The Shini BB lotion I bought on impulse since I don’t like to use BB cream or Foundation on a daily basis. The Skin79 Golf VIP bb cream I use daily was running out and this was something that was similar – the thin texture and the sheer coverage.

Silky Scarf – Hair mist and hair serum


Hey, for someone who bleaches and dyes her hair constantly, hair mist and serum sounds promising. Although I have already did a post for what I do to save my hair from damage, I wanted more. There can never be something “too less” right? A review for this will be up soon.

Dear My Milky Gloss – Peach


This one I got because I just wanted to try lip gloss again.

Taiwan Trip
Precious minerals BB cream bright fit – W13 (2nd shade)


When I went to Taiwan, the price of this BB cream was $7 cheaper then the one in Singapore (see the reason I got it?). But I had to get a shade darker since I was growing tanner even though it was winter since I did a photoshoot in Taiwan. I use the lightest shade, and I bought a shade darker which wasn’t too bad. This is my back up Bb cream for this line.

Not included in the haul

Wonder Girl – Pore minimiser Toner


I was thinking to get rid of this line of the foam cleanser I use in my Skincare routine since I thought I had too much cleanser I was using at the moment (3 on a daily basis, 1 morning two night, and 1 scrub once a week). So I bought the toner to substitute it. Plus, I was running out of my usual toner.

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