Korean Make up haul from RoseRoseshop.com

Hi! These are the recent cosmetic haul I got from www.roseroseshop.com, or as known as RubyRuby76 in EBay. There is another shipment that is going to arrive from them as well, but its going to take a while since I ordered them separately. Shopping can get very expensive in South East Asia, so online shopping is getting very popular here. RoseRoseshop is based in Korea, providing korean cosmetics and they happened to be one of my favourite online shops. I have bought from them before from eBay but I’m starting to get scared of eBay since I have received fake products before. Look at it this way, you are paying 1/4 amount of money for a product, that sounds too good to be true, but that was what I fell for. If you are like me who don’t trust eBay, you can go to Roseroseshop instead of going to their eBay store – Rubyruby76. But here’s the difference when purchasing from their online store and their eBay store – shipping prices and samples. When you purchase from their eBay store, the shipping is free and you get a small amount of samples. From their online store, you pay a small amount and you don’t get samples, unless you ask for samples.

These are the 3 things that arrived first.
2 Skinfood short cake eyeshadow – SPK03 and CWH01
1 Faceshop Herbal Day cleansing wipes (the bigger size out if the two)

Faceshop’s cleansing wipes are basic make up removers. This is my staple make up remover since I started to use make up a few years ago (basic eyeliner, concealer and lipstick/lip gloss). This, with the neutrogena make up wipes, is my favourite make up remover.


Skinfood’s White Cream Shadow
The only creamshadows I have ever tried are the NYX jumbo eye pencil. Can’t wait to try out this

Matte Pink Shadow
I have lioele’s wedding pink eyeshadow which I didn’t like due to its fall outs and low pigmentations and too much shimmers. This one is matte, so I can’t wait ^^

The only thing that hasn’t arrive is the Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm I ordered a few days after. I tried it out before and really liked it. It’s a primer that feels really velvety and doesn’t melt off nor does it give a bad feeling to your skin after a few hours out in the hot sun. It’s a lot cheaper then my Nars primer.

My Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm has arrived finally!!

Picture source: Prettyandcute

I didn’t like it as much as it thought it will be. It doesn’t cover up my pore like the description, just like the many reviews I have looked upon before buying. The reason I bought this is because I like the smooth texture when applied. The container has made it like you have to put your finger in and dig the product out, which is pretty unhygienic. And it feels like it contained more silicon then the sample pack one. It’s also difficult to take out since its not in a gel texture. It’s sort of a hardened wax that you have to work on a lot before getting a suitable amount on the finger.

6 thoughts on “Korean Make up haul from RoseRoseshop.com

    1. I think it’s safer to buy from their own shop (RoseRoseshop.com) then eBay because some of the product prices can be cheaper/more expensive then the original price. Plus, they always have 10% discount in their own store.

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