From brown, to blonde, to burgundy

I dyed my hair again! Well, it was pretty overdue since some teachers has been complaining about my blonde hair. Although I did dye it red right before school started but it faded out really quickly. I went from my natural dark brown hair a couple of years ago, to a lighter brown and sometimes red – nothing too hard core dye. I use to dye my hair once every 3 months for my roots but last November I started to bleach my hair. It use to be just a base for my red hair to show up more, but December I did hardcore bleaching. So I practically retained my bleached hair till last night, with my awful roots showing.

I went from this


To this


To now this


I like experimenting with hair colours, one reason why I pay alot of attention to my hair since I have been bleaching so much lately (4 bottles of bleach already used, one more unopened) an dying my hair consistently. More consistent then my weigh gain. I’m probably going to dye my hair gray-pink for my graduation or after that. I have seen Sehun with the colour, and I fell in love with grey after that.


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