BHcosmetic palette unboxing

Despite my anger towards school yesterday (which I still am currently), my order from BHcosmetics finally arrived and I am really excited to unbox it ^^ I ordered it on Valentines day and it finally got to my place in Singapore after almost 1 month. I had my doubts on its arrival, but finally ^^ As mentioned before, I got this during valentines day, and BHcosmetics like many cosmetics brand were holding the valentines day special promotional period. I had almost 50% off on the 2 palettes.


Although I would say that I’m disappointed with the delivery since the box is so huge, I thought they would send it up to my house instead of leaving it in my mailbox (which is about the same size as the box) so I don’t understand how they put it on! And with the word “Fragile” on it, I thought the delivery person will be nice enough on being gentle.

The invoice outside the box


The inside of the box. I was expecting them to also use bubble wrappings like the normal asian packaging I get.


88 Shimmer Palette


88 Tropical Matte Palette


From the first few, I think I will like the 88 Tropical Matte palette because ye colours are more wearable in contrast to the shimmer ones. If I like it enough, I will settle for the 88 Tropical Shimmer palette. Not every colour on the Tropical Matte palettes are matte though, half of them (scattered all over) are shimmery. Metallic should be the word instead of shimmery.

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