Happy Easter 2013^^

Happy Easter Day/ Pentecostal everyone! Other then Christmas, this is another one of those holiday that suffers from misconception. No, Christmas isn’t about Santa Claus or Elves or Reindeer that flies. Easter isn’t about Easter bunnies and Easter eggs. Both about Jesus.

After church my mom decided to go for brunch at Paris Baguette, a korean chain cafe famous in both Korea and the United States. They mostly have pastries, but with some brunch menus as well. This is my 3rd time to Paris Baguette, and I must say its very expensive. We spent $115 just for 4 people today, which is ridiculous for a cafe. In a sense it’s a self service cafe where you have to find your own seat and order your food and pay at the counter yourself but the food (like brunch menu, patpingsu and drinks) will be served by the waitresses/waiters.


Paris Baguette Singapore (Wisma Atria)
435 Orchard Road, #02-48 to 53 Wisma Atria, Singapore 239977 (Orchard MRT), Tel:+ 65 6836 2010, +65 6836 3010






I don’t recommend going by yourself nor do I recommend eating brunch there. One is there are too much option to choose from so bringing friends means more option and shareable food. While the brunch menu (pictures above)… It taste like the ever do popular Wild Honey (lesser in quality and size). But I do recommend the breads.

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