40 Hands Cafe + getting lost

So, stupid Joan decided to go on an adventure to explore Singapore again. She loooooves to get lost, and bringing me along as well. I have been in Singapore or 15 years doesn’t mean I’m the type that knows where places are, Joan’s 22 and she loves adventures again. This time round she decides to bring me to 40 Hands Cafe, address:

40 Hands Cafe
Blk 78 Yong Siak St
Singapore 163078
6225 8545

Tiong Baru mrt station around there, which wasn’t bad. But this cafe is so difficult to find!! The street was easy to locate, but you won’t the sign board easily. Took us 20 minutes in that street looking for it. This I used Joan’s new Samsung Galaxy 2 to take, my goodness it’s so difficult to use!

The drinks
Plain water is free, and you take a bottle to your table and drink. Smart.


The chocolate was not bad, better then prologue ^^

The place:


And the food




4 thoughts on “40 Hands Cafe + getting lost

  1. Lol! It is nice to explore around singapore! You didn’t talk about walking a long way at jurong. Heh.

    Btw, my phone is S3 not galaxy 2. Dank you very much.

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