Mookata Thai Steamboat/Barberque @ Katong

My second time visiting Mookata, the first time thanks to Clarissa for introducing me to this delicious restaurant although its in a different location 😀

Read my experience of first time at Mookata!
Mookata Tradition Thai BBQ/Steamboat with Clarissa

I went to the one at Golden Mile (where ever that is). It was a thai shopping centre apparently. This time, i went to the one at Katong, opposite of I12Katong Shopping Mall. The signboard won’t be difficult to miss, its “Mookata” with two piggie face 😀 I went this time with Veronica after tuition at my place. It was 42 for both of us, after 2 drinks and additional charges.this was the set for 2 people one. Address of all Mookata restaurants are located in the Mookata BBQ post I went with Clarissa.

The Cute Piggy Sign on the menu and on the signboard

Photo 13. 4. 11. 21 09 58

The HotPot/barberque – a two in one goodness.

The good about this is when the juices from the meat flow down to the soup… its heaven!! the vegetables make the soup sweet as well 😀 i just wished that didn’t have MSG.

Photo 13. 4. 11. 21 10 19

Meat on the left, Hotpot/barberque on the middle, Vegetable on the right.
(and Veronica hiding)

Photo 13. 4. 11. 21 10 47

This is just the two of us pigging so late at night
Photo 13. 4. 11. 21 11 06

Although the location is a lot easier to go to and a lot cleaner, it will have been better with air-conditioning. It was ridiculously warm since it is hot pot after all. Service wise, a lot better then the one i went with Clarissa but it seem that they were short of staff with their speed.

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