Nambantei Yakitori @ Far East Plaza

Yakitori!! Another favourite of mine for Japanese food! I usually go to the other Yakitori stands that has bento boxes you buy back to eat, and this is my first time eating Yakitori sitting down in the restaurant because I guess it’s pretty rare plus it’s pricy. I went with my mom after church, since Far East was next to Hyatt Hotel.

Location of Nambantei Yakitori

Nambantei Yakitori
14 Scotts Road, #05-132, Far East Plaza

Just to mention, the place is super tiny. Don’t expect to show up and get a seat right away. The place is so small, it fits only around 20 guest. The grilled and kitchen took up most of the space for customers.

My FOTD for church


Ice Ocha (.50)

Potato Salad ($5)

Yakitori Bento ($14)

My mom and I ordered the same thing (Yakitori Bento and Ocha), so total cost was about $40 plus service charge plus tax. It was pretty affordable but as I said, location is too small. And there barely is enough waitresses to serve. So be sure to expect slow service.

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