[UPDATED] 2013 Hair care products – what I use to care for my bleached hair

Hi everyone~ today I’ll be updating about my hair care routine – what products do I use to help my frequently bleached and dyed hair so it does not get fizzy. All the products mentioned are under 10 Singapore dollars (since I got them during promotional periods.) but the real price is not much expensive. These are the things that you can get in the drug stores and online shops. I started bleaching my hair since October 2012, and from before I dye my hair almost 4 times a year so the roots growing wont be too obvious. I use to use only shampoo since my hair is super oily, just like my face, but I had to add conditioner eventually. Now that i bleached my hair so constantly, shampoo and conditioner is enough but it really depends on what shampoo and conditioner. Plus, i want to give my hair extra attention. Well, hope you guys enjoy~

These are what I use on a daily basis in the toilet – I need to out on it wet and need to wash it off.

L’Oreal Colour Vive Shampoo and Conditioner


The only reason I purchased this was because i thought that it helped with dyed hair and it was on promotion when I was browsing for shampoo and conditioner. It does help with the colour retention only alittle bit, the hair colour only lasted me 2 weeks tops. It doesn’t help with the fact that my hair is dried up due to the multiple bottles of bleach I have used in the past months. If you only dyed (not bleach) you hair, I would recommend it but if your hair is damaged and fizzy, do not get this! Treating your hair to become healthy is more important than retaining the colour. Get something that actually help you hair.
This made my hair more frizzier 😦 I thought it helped, but not really.

I recently changed my shampoo and conditioner to further help my hair. the Loreal shampoo and conditioner was seriously drying my hair out. All my current hair care are from Essentials. Shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and the hair treatment consistently. Instead of washing my hair everyday, i was it once in two days. I go all Essentials now.

Essentials Hair Treatment


Essential Hair Mask

I needed to start using this as because the previous shampoo was drying my hair out! it worked for 3 months but after that things went crazy! esl_nuance_hairpack_00_img_l

How I use it:

After Shampoo and Conditioner/Treatment, this goes on for 10 minutes then wash out with warm water.

I strongly recommend this brand (the shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment)for damaged hair and for bleached/dyed hair, especially for bleached. I first received 3 packs of samples of both conditioner and Shampoo in the mail before going to Taiwan, it helped soften the initial frizz and shock from the harsh treatment and the sudden change of weather. I had only 3 sample packs back then and I was in Taiwan so I only had to wait till I get back to Singapore and Indonesia to buy the full size ones to fully say “I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!”. My hair was dead since I bleached it the day before I left to Taiwan. The cold weather in combination to the bleach made my hair crazy without proper treatment! I bought the conditioner and treatment after I got back and it helped my hair go back to the normal texture in 4 days!

Essential Damage Care Nuance Airy Anti Frizz Serum

4 pumps everytime after i wash my hair, before drying them. At first i used it after i dry my hair, but it made it worse. Putting this on wet hair helps retain the moist from the shower and even though the hair is dried, it will not make it feel like grass

Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Mist and Serum


How I use:

Hair Mist: Spray it to the roots and anywhere else of your hair. Message it into the roots.
Hair Serum: 1 pump for first to the very ends if my hair and another to slightly higher.

These two I just got in 2013 and I am already beginning to like it. The hair mist I believe won’t help if you have crazy frizz and split ends, but it does help you make your hair feel less dry than it already is when applied. It has a slight pleasant floral to it, actually all the silk scarf line does, but I am not too bothered since it does eventually leave. This is more of a waste of money because it did not do much compared to other hair care products. I will recommend bringing this to winter weathered places since the air tends to dry out everything. This will not oil up your hair or scalp, be sure to shake it before use and don’t be scared to use a lot.

The hair serum I have just purchased yesterday. Prior to trying it in the store, I just had towel dried my hair as usual. When I got to the shop and applied 2 drops/pumps of this, my hair felt better in texture. The consistency is like hair oil, but not as oily. It feels like a slightly oily gel, but once the ends my hair took it in and dries, it leaves a smooth finish and even my hand has no oily residue in it. It does not oil up my hair as other brand of serum or conditioner or treatments do, though i am not sure if this is a goof or bad thing. But it’s just the first day, i have to try out more to be sure i really like this product. I’ll try it out at least a week before doing a review on this along side with an Etude House Haul.

I tried the hair serum, it works for me as a soft hair gel then a proper hair serum. I don’t know but the two etude house hair product is not a must – have and i won’t be repurchasing them again.

3 thoughts on “[UPDATED] 2013 Hair care products – what I use to care for my bleached hair

  1. have you at least once a month do a protein treatment or maybe treatment for bleached hair. cuz i thouhgt ofbleaching my hair but i scared without proper care my hair will fall out. thank you

    1. I actually recently changed my shampoo, as well as adding the Essential intensive hair mask to use 2x a week, and adding the hair essence everyday. It’s working well

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