Maybelline Colour Tattoos – Review and Swatches

This is such a late post… A very late hype for the products Everyone has been hyping over it since ages ago and i am only doing it now 😦 Reason is because the permanent fall 2011 colours weren’t available in Singapore for the longest time and they are hardly never on sale. Until now, there are only the 1st batch of permanent 8 Colour tattoo line available.

These are the some colours I really liked and finally bought from the 2011 Fall collection, which is available in stores locally and permanently and as well as the Metal collection from 2012 that is only available in some online stores. I will state where i got mine later down the post. The only one i have used are those from the metal collection. Scroll down for the reviews and swatches!

Maybelline Colour Tattoos

Photo 13. 5. 11. 13 46 14
Photo 13. 5. 11. 13 45 47

Colour Tattoo Metal : Barely Branded and Inked in Pink

These are not available in stores, i had to get them online and thankfully they are slightly cheaper then getting them. They were $13 each from , an online shop in singapore. They don’t have all the colours available, but its alright. They do provide free shipping. Not only there is Maybelline, there are also brands that aren’t available in Singapore like Nyx, ELF, Costal Sands, Sigma, Wet n Wild and more. I bought my Wet and Wild Trio palette from them as well last year.

Photo 13. 5. 11. 13 46 38

Photo 13. 5. 11. 13 48 44

These stays on all day on my oily lids in this hot and humid country! I have been wearing it to school or just going out to the shopping centre near by my place and they don’t budge nor smudge! but i’m an inpatient person and i don’t want to wait for it to dry on my lids although it takes only about 5 seconds , so for barely branded i layer it over with a beige eye shadow over it so i can hurry with the eyeliner and leave the house. be sure to cover the cap on very quickly or else it will dry out! They don’t need a base since it last a long time although i cant vouch if it really last for 24 hours.

I have been loving Inked in Pink and Barely branded so much, i went a head and placed an order for Barely Beige from (although not all items are under $20). They have only Barely Beige and Inked in Pink for their Maybelline Metal colours, and they are a dollar more. I heard that Barely Branded and Barely Beige are similar, but i want to try for myself.


Colour Tattoo (Fall 2011): Bad to the Bronze, Bold Gold, Tough as Taupe.

The Fall 2011 collection was only available last autumn in stores in singapore less then a year ago, which means i can expect anything else to arrive in Singapore 1 year later then the US or UK. It is a lot more expensive as well, even after conversion of price, it’s already double the price. The original price in any store that carry them are $15.90, very expensive! Thats why i only wanted until they are on sale before i dare to get anything. I picked up Tough as Taupe and Bold Gold just on April (last month) in SASA when they are having a buy one get another 60% off sale for maybelline products. Although i originally wanted Bad to the Bronze with Tough as Taupe first, i feel in love with the Bold Gold when i looked at them. For two, it was about $20.50. For Bad to The Bronze, i picked it up at Watsons near my place as they had a small discount for all the colour tattoo, from the original $15.90, it was around $13.

Photo 13. 5. 11. 13 49 44

Reason to why i got these three out of the 8 that was available is because i think these are the only daily wearable neutral colours that i will use compared to blue and orange which are also there. And these are usually out of stock most of the time. I didn’t want to open it yet because i still have so many eyeshadow to use up and i think i’ll only open them up when i get to Switzerland for uni this July.
I think this will last me a long time, so i don’t need to repurchase them although i will repurchase them when needed.

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