Elisha Coy Always Nude CC Cream – Review and Comparison

CC cream has been a big trend these days, apparently it’s the substitute of BB creams. CC cream stands for “colour correct”, “complete correction” or “colour control”. There are various names for that. How does it really work? Although now it is called the replacement of BB cream with plenty more benefits, it also has “less coverage”. It acts as a skincare products as well as a base for other make up and a better version of BB cream. The reason for my quotation marks on less coverage is because I have now experience with one of the CC cream and the less coverage I have experienced is practically none, to the point that I can compare it to a sunscreen and a primer. Here I will be doing a review in Elisha Coy CC cream in comparison with 2 other items I have.

The Elisha Coy always nude CC cream claims to be:

High functional Multi Cream which is 10 in 1- whitening, anti wrinkle, UV protection, hydration, correct skin texture and skintone, cover imperfection, long lasting and so on.


Read my previous post on where i purchased it: Elisha Coy CC cream ft Wishtrend.com
The two I will compare in terms of CC cream is

-The Faceshop Natural Sun AG SPF 46 PA++

-Nars Pro-Prime Multi protect primer
SPF 30 PA+++

-Elisha Coy Always nude CC cream
SPF 30 PA+++

3 brands, one more available to the western countries (Nars), one more available in Asia (The faceshop) and Elisha Coy (a relatively new name), and the price range is quite similar although the Nars one is more expensive.


As from the picture, the Elisha Coy CC cream is similar in colour to the Nars primer. With the same amount of SPF and a white colour and similar consistency, many will think it will leave a white cast unlike the sun screen from the faceshop although it has the highest SPF level.


I have used The Faceshop Natural Sun AG SPF 45 PA++ sunscreen the longest out of all, and it’s already my 2nd bottle. It has available berry, a well known source of anti oxidant. With its SPF 45 PA +++, it does help with oil control very well on my oily combination skin but does not dry out anywhere else. My foundation and Bb cream stays well on it. It’s a cheaper and healthier version as compared to a primer. It does leave a white cast for the initial minutes of application, with a slight coverage for redness but later blends into the skin colour.

The Nars Pro-Prime Multi protect primer SPF 30 PA+++ has a very nice sweet scent. Doesn’t leave a white cast nor does it feel sticky. With SPF 30, it just nice covers the so called “requirement” of the norm for perfect sunscreen amount. It works both as a primer and sunscreen, but smaller in amount as compared to the faceshop sunscreen therefor I use this only during special occasion.

The Elisha Coy CC cream I would say is a disappointment after the previous two. Not only its still not available in many countries, It has a weird smell, for me a bad one after being spoilt with the Nars primer smell. It’s pretty oily as well on the skin, and does not provide any coverage. Considering this as a make up product, I would much prefer the sunscreen from The Faceshop since its a skin care product and has more SPF and oil control properties. After trying it on for 2 weeks, I did not see any improvement in my skin in terms of whitening. It really feels heavy on its own, and putting a BB cream on top makes it feel even more heavy.

– adjust well to skin tone after spreading well
– in a squeeze tube
– SPF30 PA+++

– Oily feeling and does oil up
– weird smell
– quite expensive

– My face is more sensitive and has more redness the next morning

But if you want to go ahead and try this product, i have a coupon code for you valid till the end of this year to use in wishtrend.com

Voucher Code: RFXLSCOZ

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