Jung SungHa Singapore – Journalist experience

When Jung Sungha, famous korean youtube guitarist came to Singapore last weekend, i got a chance to help out Koreanupdates with media passes as a journalist with Zen (aka Excentrique). We went to both days, and were quite surprised with some things as we were quite miss informed. For the press conference, we arrived at 4:30 which surprisingly started early as it was suppose to start at 5. But we managed to snap a few pictures before the organizer made Sungha leave at 4:45. Thank goodness we arrived early or we would have missed out. On the concert day, it started 30 minutes late which is expected. No photography was allowed, but we managed to snap a few from the screen. I have some sneak peak down, and Leny is still helping me watermark the others

We were also not informed about the meet and greet, only until 20 minutes into the meet and greet. Here, we could get as many pictures as we liked. I bought an album for Sureq and got a signature for her too 😀 BLHnUarCYAAwC9J.jpg-large

Sungha show cased some of his original works from his CDs and also rearrangements of other’s music like Phantom of The Opera and Big Bang’s Monster. Mr Agustine, a German youtuber, shared a stage with him and showcased his own music. I originally thought Sungha’s my age, but it turned out he is 3 years younger then me!

Some sneak peak (Leny is helping me watermark more pictures.)

Photo 13. 5. 25. 18 45 53

Photo 13. 5. 25. 18 56 19

Photo 13. 5. 29. 0 03 37

Photo 13. 5. 29. 0 04 31

Photo 13. 5. 29. 0 05 31

6 thoughts on “Jung SungHa Singapore – Journalist experience

      1. Did you enjoy it (the concert and taking pictures)? I wish he will come here again, but not in near future, I’m broke right now lol Oh really? I will check if something’s wrong with mine 😦 thanks for letting me know!

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