Ninety-Nine in Grand Indorsia, Jakarta

Ninety-Nine, a western restaurant located in Grand Indonesia Mall, Jakarta Indonesia, has got a lot of attention. The location being near high end branded boutiques like Gucci and Chanel, it gives a expensive atmosphere.

I visited with my cousin, her husband and my little niece 🙂

I haven’t seen her for so long and she has grown so much. Times past, she’s already 5.

For a group of 3 and a half, we ordered 3 portions and some nibbles so my niece can have some food as well. Since she’s still 5, she doesn’t eat a full adult portion obviously.







I do not remember the names of the orders we did, but man the portions were big! I couldn’t finish my plate. Thank goodness the pizza we ordered was out of stock, or else we have to pack more up to bring home. For its price it was reasonable, although most people will say its expensive. The two sandwiches were about 70 – 80,000 Rupiah each, where the carbonara, fries and mushroom soup were slightly cheaper. After taxes and service charge and a couple of drinks, I believe it was around 500,000 Indonesian Rupiah. For a restaurant in Grand Indonesia, its portion, and with its environment, it was really affordable. But for the ladies, take note. The potion is too big for 1 female, just nice for a male, unless you can eat a lot. If you go with a group of friends, share a portion each.

The location of Ninety-Nine in Jakarta:

Ninety-Nine Jakarta Grand Indonesia East Mall Lower Ground Jl. MH Thamrin No .1 Jakarta Pusat 10310

I would visit again but I’ll bring my brothers since they are the ones who can eat a lot.

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