Nanny’s Pavilion @ Central Park, Jakarta

Nanny’s Pavilion is a very floral designed restaurant, having a few cutely designed in a few shopping malls in Jakarta like Central Park and Grand Indonesia. It started out from a branch in Bandung, before spreading to different cities in Indonesia. It has a few concepts of a house, but over all floral.

•Garden – R.E Martadinata No. 112, Bandung
•Terrace – Sogo Central Park GF, Jakarta
•Living room – Citywalk Sudirman GF Unit 21, Jakarta
•Bathroom – Pacific Place Unit 4/50-51, Jakarta
•Library – Setiabudi No. 55, Bandung
•Barn – Flavor Bliss Alam Sutera, Tangerang

With the first 3 pictures, it shows some floral design and some french which is in and outside of the restaurant as well floral. It has the girl next door, pink, floral design which is really cute.




I went with my cousin and her friend, 3 of us were starving so we ordered 3 main courses: all pastas. But me being a picky eater, I knew I would not like something about my dish so I ordered a mash potato garnished with melted cheese. It turned out I was right. I didn’t really enjoy my mushroom spaghetti.




It wasn’t because of the taste, I was because it was too oily. I was half way done with the noodles and I can already see the excess oil at the bottom. Thank goodness for the mash potato. I didn’t finish the noodles, and shared some of the mash potato with my cousin.

I won’t want to order the mushroom spaghetti again due to the oil. I would come back again due to its pretty decorations and the potential of mash potato dish 🙂 I believe it was slightly over 300,000 IDR for 3 main dishes, 1 side dish and 2 drinks. The price wasn’t too bad as compared if you were to eat it in Singapore.

5 thoughts on “Nanny’s Pavilion @ Central Park, Jakarta

    1. It’s a main dish size, the mash potato has mushroom as topping OMG it’s soooo good!! It’s pretty cheap, I paid 100,000 for 1 main & 1 side dish & ice tea. Can we go together one day when I come back again??

      1. omg i need to try the mash potato ㅠ.ㅠ wow that’s not too expensive. i always wondered about the price since the place looks so beautiful, and i thought it will be kinda pricey 😦 sureeeee! I’ll be waiting for the day you come back here~ ^^

      2. Me too!! But Pacific Place is too far away from my house ㅜ.ㅜ Actually I do live in Jakarta! hahaha I think I never told you that :p I’m afraid it will be kind awkward if it’s just 2 of us, but I want to try Nanny’s Pavilion :(:(

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