[REVIEW] Teen’s Nature (TN) Sebum Control Powder Cream & Ibuybeauti

Teen’s Nature (TN) Sebum Control Powder Cream

Suzy has recently started to advertise for Teen’s Nature, a skincare and beauty brand aimed for teenagers. In one of “Get It Beauty, Self!” video, suzy shared her skin care products she uses from this brand. This, she use, on her T zone to help maintain most teenager’s problem, oily T-Zone.

Since I personally have oily skin, especially in the T-zone area, living in south east Asia can get quite… Annoying. I recently changed my morning moisturiser and made my outer part of the face drier but my T-zone still oily. I was going back to Jakarta soon for over a week, so I decided to purchase this to help on the oily t – zone.

I purchased this from Ibuybeauti for I believe $18 USD, but sadly it is no longer available in their website now. I chose free shipping and I was expecting 2 weeks for it to arrive. But instead it came in 1 week, which was surprisingly fast since its from Korea.


The consistency feels like silicon at the first touch, but after a few days of trying it out and getting use to, it does feel like powder and cream mixed together. The smell is quite unpleasant, I have to presume its because they use natural products and did not use extra fragrances to alter the smell.

It really does help maintain my oiliness on my t zone even that my primers cannot help as much on.

-Natural product, teenager & early 20s user friendly
-isn’t silicone
-Packaging is a glass mix with plastic type, very durable

– not really well known brand there for less sellers online
– difficult to purchase can’t buy in stores
– smell

Over all I will give a 4/5 rating. A -1 because of its lack of availability and awkward smell. This product really is the “a little goes a long way” product. Just need to barely touch the product and that will be enough for the nose and fore head.

2 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Teen’s Nature (TN) Sebum Control Powder Cream & Ibuybeauti

    1. Hi I purchased this from Ibuybeauti, and realised its no longer available in their website.
      I have contacted them and they have replied saying that TN has stopped manufacturing this product, but might sell it again in the future.

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