[FOOD REVIEW] BigB Cafe & Restaurant

Sunday dinner with Phoebe @ Orchard area. Since we got bored of Canele, we ended up at BigB, a mix of Cafe and Restaurant.


BigB Cafe•Restaurant
B1-08 Paragon 290 Orchard Road S(238859) Telephone: 6836 1495

We ordered a cheese burger, a dirty rice (apparently a fancy name for fried rice -.-“) and two portion of tea for a total of $53.50 after tax and service charge.

Cheese burger ($16)


Dirty rice ($15)


There really isn’t anything special about this cafe/restaurant other then it being a mix of a cafe and a restaurant. When I first saw “Dirty Rice” I was expecting something fancy, but it turns out to be fried rice. Which is expensive when you think about a fried rice being about $17 after tax and such. The Cheese burger as well, nothing too fancy other then it being a big portion.

There wasn’t a wide range of tea, but the only one that got me interested is the Korean Red Ginseng. I got it in cold form even though I’m currently having a cold. It tasted really sweet at first but after a few mins it tasted like some pleasant tasting Chinese herbs. It was $7 before tax and service charge.

For $53.50 two people I wasn’t really impressed. Other then the tea I really won’t go back again, and the only reason I went was because Phoebe wanted to go.

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