(Price ~ IDR 210,000 or SGD $34)


I came back to Jakarta and saw this foundation in a guardian store, which i finally decided to finally purchase this. I’ve been putting off on this foundation because of a couple of reasons:

1) I prefer the cream consistency for a BB cream of BB lotion as compared to most watery foundations.

2) The price! For a pharmacy based product, the price is really high.

3) available in limited places and in terms of colour.

Consistency and Coverage:
This foundation has similar consistency and coverage as The Etude House Shini Star BB lotion. It’s not think when applied and blends in well with the skin. I applied this using my finger and doesn’t give me a mess unlike other liquid foundations I tried, including high end ones. It feels thin as well, therefor nice for everyday use. The one different other then price and availability of this foundation as compared to the Etude house Shini Star BB lotion is that this product is build able from a low coverage to a medium to slightly high coverage. By coverage, I mean acne scaring, hyper – pigmentation and redness. When first applied, it makes pores and bumps more obvious. After an hour (in humid and warm Asia) and blending in with your face natural oil, it will naturally cover up the pores and bumps will not be obvious.

Oil Control
As the foundation claims “Anti Oxident”, it actually stays put, although i would recommend sun screen underneath since it doesnt include SPF. I currently am in forever hot and humid Indonesia, my oily skin does will not let anything cling to my skin including eyeliner. But putting an anti Oxident sunscreen from The Face Shop, it’s been staying put. But of course, doesn’t stop me from being oily after 6 hours. because I’m naturally oily. The smell of this foundation is just heavenly! It has a floral fruity scent, which goes away in a couple of hours.

This was the perfect colour for me when first swatched and worn for the first hour. a few hours later, to my surprise, oxidises a shade darker. Ended up being the same colour as my bronzer. 😦 I should have gotten 51 light vanilla instead so after it oxidise, it would be a perfect match.

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