REVIEW: July Bellabox Singapore 2013

First subscription box from Bellabox Singapore arrived less then a week ago, arriving 2 weeks late. First impression i had on this service box is already pretty bad due to the tardiness of this box. If it was an oversea box, i won’t mind waiting so long. But the fact that local shipping was delayed for so long, isn’t excusable.

So here are the products

1) Jane Tran Bobby Pin Set ($15)

2 bobby pins were included in this month’s box. 2 pins would cost only $4.05.

2) theBALM Cosmetics Hot Mama Shadow/Blush (7.08g / $24)
I always wanted to try theBalm’s cosmetics, so this was one of the only things i was glad to receive. 1g of this product will be $3.40

3) Yes To Carrots Lip Tint (2.6ml / $12)
another lip tin!! I have never heard yes to carrots before, so this will be good to try out. This should be full size.

4) Philosophy Hope in a Jar Oil Free Gel Moisturiser (60ml/$59)
This contains a high concentration of algae extract that revives dry and tired skin. Since this is a sample size I’m going to use this when i go on a weekend trip to malaysia. Though im disappointed with this size since i can always go to the counter and they will give this size as sample for me. 7ml of this will cost around $6.80.

5) Sage + Fasten Common Sense Eau De Parfum (50ml / $65)
This is so fruity and strong. i really love the staying power though because a couple of pumps lasted me half a day when i went out. its nice to have a travel size perfume although this size we can actually ask it from over the counter as well. 4ml will cost around $5.20

7) Philosophy Purity made simple one step cleanser (BONUS)
I dont really care for small one time usage sample since it will do me no good in trying this product out. its too small to try out and see if we like it.

6) National Day Inspired Nail Stickers (GIFT)
My mom wanted some stickers for face or nails for Singapore’s national day. and since indonesia’s national day is coming up as well so my mom will like this.

Total net worth of this month’s Bellabox is $27.40. in terms of cash, yes i got more then what i paid. But since the perfume and moisturizer can be asked for without purchase over the counter (which was worth $13 already), this box’s worth is only $14.40, which means i paid more then what i have receive. Totally disappointed since some who subscribed got decent sample size shampoos like the Organics Shampoo & Conditioner which i can enjoy more then the pin or the cleanser.

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