[REVIEW] Dessert Company Jakarta – Revisited

Since my last visit to Dessert Company during march, i swore to revisit and bring some people with me since i was disappointed in the pastry i ordered and i couldn’t believe i was disappointed! The disappointment on my last visit, in my opinion, was still the strawberry tart. I am really disappointed in myself for losing the pictures from my previous visit, more then i was disappointed then the strawberry tart 😦

Location of Dessert Company Jakarta

Dessert Company
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jalan Marina Raya, Rukan Crown Golf Blok B Unit 3
Muara Penjaringan, Jakarta Utara
(021) – 2942 4880

Thank goodness i brought more people so we could try more from the menu. And of course, i now knew i had to order from the “Specialities” of the menu, not just any random ones. Here are some desserts we ordered:

SAMSUNG CSCIce Cream Crepe
This is a really special menu since you get to mix and match according to your own taste. My cousin, being a young girl, had to of course order something more sweet like marshmallow and M&M as topping

I really liked this because it wasn’t very sweet, But only if it was less sour, i would have given it a 100%. But it won’t stop me from re ordering it next time

SAMSUNG CSCchocolate souffle
My brother’s order. i didnt get to try this because boys, being boys, eat too quickly.

SAMSUNG CSCChocolate lava
This and the chocolate souffle took the longest to arrive – 25 mins after order. It looked and taste equally good and chocolaty 😀 can’t imagine the calorie count if i were to finish the whole portion

We ordered a few drinks as well but we didn’t take note, well i didn’t, because it was like a “cousins who live in singapore but meet in jakarta during the holidays” gathering so we were busy talking.

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