Lip Tint: Maybelline Vs. Yes to Carrots

Lip tints and stains, the hybrid of Lipsticks and Lip balms, are THE BOMB these days. Name a couple of well known ones: Revlon’s “just bitten kissable balm stain” and Clinique’s “Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm”. A fat twisting crayon that has the moisture of a lip balm, and the slightly sheer out version of a lipstick.

I recently picked up Maybelline’s Color Bloom in Pink Bloom, and got the Yes to Carrots Lip Stain in Cotton Candy from monthly Bella Box. My camera isn’t working properly to snap shots of the packaging, but I managed to get searches before I gave up completely. They have an outlook of a lip balm, much smaller then the normal lip stains.


The Maybelline Color Bloom in Pink Bloom (1.7grams) comes in a pink tube, and you have to twist the bottom of the packaging to have the product to come out. It’s a clear moisturising balm, and in order for the pink to show up, rub your lips against each other a few times and viola! Colour is very build-able, so don’t panic if you don’t like colours too bright. There is a slight shimmer in it, though it goes away after a while. But the colour really last a long time, and won’t leave even if you drank water. It also have a cherry scent.

The Yes to Carrots Lip Stain in Cotton Candy (2.6 grams) comes in a white smaller size packaging. Although in the stick this looks coloured (purple) as compared to the Maybelline stick (transparent), swatches comes out as very sheer. No matter how much I tried to build it up, it comes out as a sheer, shimmery purple colour. It smells pretty unpleasant (to me), since its made out of 95% organic ingredient, so I’m going to assume there is no artificial scent. Which compares to the maybelline one, a good thing.

I would have to say I prefer the maybelline one due to the scent, and purely based on scent. I cannot stand having something that smells so bad near my nose. Yes, it’s organic so it will be healthier if accidentally “eaten” from the lips, but the smell 😦 maybelline products are also readily available in departmental stores, hypermarkets and drugstors in South East Asia, while all brands with the name Yes to (grapes, carrots) have to be purchased online.

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