130811 SKarf “Dreams Come True” Singapore Exclusive Press Con, Fan Sign and meet

130810 SKarf “Dreams Come True”
by: Alpha Entertainment

If you want to take out any photos from this website, please:

Do not edit the photo; cut/erase the logo; use the photo for any commercial purposes.
어느이유와 목적으로 사진을 편집하고 로고를 지우거나 자르고 사진을 상업적으로 이용하지마십시오.

Prohibited to be re-uploaded in any kind of sites including facebook, twitter, tumblr, weibo, and any other social sites without any permission.

Please do ask for permission before uploading the photos into any kind of zip-files.

For re-produced or re-upload, please specify to credit saranghaey

Thank you.

Click on each picture to see more for:

Press Conference and FanMeeting


SKarf is a 5 member Singapore – Korean girl group that is based in Korea. Members consist of Ferlyn and Tasha from Singapore, Jenny and JooA from Korea and Hana, a korean raised Japanese, celebrates their first anniversary debut, a Singapore exclusive showcase for their new mini album as well Hana’s 18th birthday.

I would like to thank Alpha Entertainment and Dream Station for the invitation to the SKarf ‘Dreams Come True’ Exclusive Showcase in Singapore. This event was also made possible with the support from the following sponsors – Korea Tourism Organisation, Unusual Group, Bugis+, Singapore Airlines, Grid Communications and Teenage Magazine.

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