Marmalade Pantry : Orchard ION

Despite Marmalade Pantry being in Singapore for over 2 years, this is only my second time visiting. And most of my friends have never heard of the Marmalade Pantry although it has located in Orchard and Fairway Drive. I revisited here with my mom and brother after we went to check out prices for Airline Tickets at Singapore Airlines (ridiculous pricing btw).


Marmalade Pantry
2 Orchard Turn #03-22
ION Orchard Singapore
Tel: +65 6734 2700

Sakura Green tea: $6.50 ++

Green Tea would usually leave an after taste that is pretty unforgettable, but this green tea here my friend, leaves almost none. This really isn’t strong enough for me to remember and want to come back for more. For the price of $6.50, i have to apologize but go for Starbucks or TWG instead.


The size of their pies and cakes my friend, is surprising. Its huge, like American size HUGE. For a big piece pie, the $8 price tag is pretty affordable. But you can get sick of the big chuck of goodness in front of you. No matter how delicious it taste. If you are a girl, a cake can be eaten by 2. I can’t fully enjoy the cake due to feeling sick

Classic baked apple pie: $8++

Sea salt caramel carrot cake: $8++

The prices are just slightly lower then TWG, though the size definitely is bigger. Sometimes, its the quantity that counts, not quality. Although the hype for Marmalade from older indonesian ladies who are into high tea, whom have enough patience to process the bill payment and time to finish the cake, us young people have no time at all. It literarily took 20 mins to pay because the staff did not process our payment right after we gave them our card. We had to remind them three times.

Other location

Marmalade Pantry at the Stables
55 Fairways Drive
Tel: +65 6467 9328
Tue to Fri: 3pm – 11pm
Sat to Sun: 10am – 11pm

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