Clearing out make up before moving overseas

I will be moving to Switzerland in less then a month for the next 4 years for university, and i have been trying to clear some products out. The reason of why its all make up is because these products i don’t use every single day as compared to my skincare. These are the products that i am about to finish but i have been desperately wanting to finish since i don’t want to waste any of it. Some are actually my favorite and already have a back up of that those that i really like. But if by time i fly and there are some still left over, I’ll just throw them away because it’;; be just useless if I bring such a big packaging but little product left. I have luggage space and weight limitations 😦 sadly.


IMG_3495 copy


1) NYX The Caribeean Collection – I dream of St marteen
2) Revlon CustomEyes – 015 Party Pops
3) Mayballine the Hyper Curl Volum express waterproof – brown
4) Maybelline 24 hour Colour Tattoo – 70

The Nyx eyeshadow was the first shadow palette i own and the first i purchased by my own money. I have had it for 2 years and although i love it dearly, my eyeshadow collection has grown since then and i prefer the others over this. Plus i only have 1/2 of each colour left.

The Revlon Custom eyes was gifted when i bought Revlon Hair dye. I don’t care for the colour other then the beige colour, but i have some similar to that.

The two Mayballine products i already have a back up of. For the mascara, i finish one up really quickly, while the colour tattoo i not only have one back up of the colour, i have several other colours as well.


5) The Body Shop CONCEALER ALL-IN-ONE – 02
6) Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit N02 Light Beige
7) Elisa Coy Always Nuddy CC Cream
8) Etude House Shini Star Clear BB Lotion

Out of all the base make up, i have both the Etude House on back up. I already am finishing them both up, the Shini Star Clear BB Lotion as a daily base over the Elisha Coy CC ( Review can be read here) and Precious Mineral BB Cream as a weekend, more fuller coverage bb cream. The problem i have with the Precious Mineral BB Cream is the fact that i live Singapore and Indonesia where the climate is summer, humid and hot all year round and this product is too heavy on me. The back up of the Precious Mineral BB Cream i will bring with me to Switzerland with me and i can use it during winter times when I will need more hydration.

The Body Shop concealer is too think for me in this hot weather and it does not provide full coverage for my acne scars. I like my Etude House Surprise stick concealer in comparison as it is more affordable, but covers up more.


For the Elisa Coy CC cream, please refer to the link on top.



9) Peripera Smile Fit Blusher – Vanilla Pink

I am not a blush fan, plus i already have a coral blush from Chanel which i like the colour better.

*Maybe I should start doing reviews on my products `.`”

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