Pink Play Party Season 4 in Singapore

Around a month ago, Etude House Singapore announced that their 4th season of Pink Play Party will be held in Marina Bay Singapore on August 27th. SHINee members and F(x) Sulli being Etude House’s ambassador will be present, a long side with a makeup artist named Kevin.  Tickets are not on sale, rather, you have to purchase at least $20 worth of their product to get 1 SHINee member scratch card. Fans of Shinee or Fx will have to buy at least $100 worth of product to be able to get 5 members’ scratch card. Imagine the amount of money Etude House and Amore Pacific (the company that owns etude house) earned! Plus, tickets are also given free though competition by some magazines Nylon Singapore, Cleo but also given free from Marina Bay Sands. Whole list goes on and on. Some international fans and media came as well.


Though I’m greatful for Etude House and SM for deciding to hold the 4th season of Pink Play Party in Singapore this year, i was relatively disappointed in Etude House, Marina Bay Sand, and Pink Play Party organizer’s (media people will know who they are) organization skills. First thing first, there are many different types of ticket.

Starting from the email. To my friends who won tickets from the MBS contest, they always changed their ticket collection time. Since some of my friends had foreign won ticket, they had issues coming in since they weren’t briefed about foreign won ticket (3 digit). For local website medias, there did not specifically say where and when we should be expecting to collect the tickets. We were referred to 3 different people on the venue and waiting 30 mins before we were led in with some global VIP fans from Korea and Japan. And then there was there normal que, for people who purchased their hundred dollars worth of Etude House Products or won them from magazines.  The Global VIP section (this is where the media people and fan clubs from different country stood) were sectioned on the right side of the stage in a barricade. And of course, blocked by the official camera men and we have to fight off korean fans who aren’t the friendliest as they wanted to squeeze for their own views. For MBS VIP, the only benefit they have is shorter que, but the timing when they entered the hall is the same timing as normal fans. Which i don’t see how this is a benefit. The whole organizing crew was a mess since they did not communicate properly like they should have. It was security crew vs MBS staff vs organizer vs Etude House. One staff will asked us to enter the hall to get our media tags, while the crew did not allow us in. We went back and told her that, and she had to call the organizer down, which only arrived 20 minutes later. They were unsure on what tag to give us, and the Etude House crew ended up giving us greyish coloured tags. There were some other media who has gold with pink polkadot tag.

Knowing i will be needing to fight spots with media, fans and tripods, i wore a 15 cm wedge heels which mean i had to go in and sit right after all the commotion with the tags and such. I did not even bother taking pictures of the location. I really hope they do not use this type of organisation any more.

Selca with Joey before the whole event in the venue. Lighting isnt the best.
photo 1

Shya from, Michael ( i think hehe) and Calvin from
photo 2 copy

Some of the freebies given in the goodie bag. aren’t these water holders adorable? 😀

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