Bella Box Singapore’s September 2013 theme: Pink Me Up!

Bella Box Singapore’s September 2013 theme: Pink Me Up!


Other then the box, one lipgloss, and the information card, there is nothing else that is pink. Although I love this box’s shade of soft pink, the content (in terms of colour and first view of items) is a disappointment to me. After looking at the information card, the themes should be named “Fight age!” Instead of “Pink Me Up!” as what is included in the box are things like beauty collagen, scrubs, essence and eye patches. Looking at the “Pink” section available in their website, it’s pretty misleading as compared to the real box. I see so many pink products from cheeks, lips, and eyeshadow.

Price of each item in full size is stated, but be mindful that Bella Box is a sample size service box, not full size unless stated.

Here is what is in my box
Dr G Total Active Capsule Essence = $19.70
LA clinic GLY C Refine Micro Dermabrasion Facial Scrub = $5.90
Talika Eye Therapy Patch = $20
Model Co Lipgloss = $23
Wish Formula Jjoyy Bubble Peeling Pad = $6.50
Recoliv Beauty Collagen = $ 7.50
Bonus: The Lash Card = $8.90

Total: $91.50

One full size item and the only brand I know of: Model Co Lipgloss. I’ve got to say I love the packaging, it comes with a build in mirror on its side. But formula wise, I have to try it first. But so far, I loved the tint from the previous box I received, from Model Co as well.

Although the worth is $91.50, yet again most of the samples can be asked for free over the counter. Example, the collagen, essence, patch and scrub. I’m essentially paying for the lipgloss and the lash card. But again, the lash card is a bonus. Therefore, I’m paying $20 for a $23 worth of lipgloss. For $21 I can purchase MAC’s gel eyeliner, my definite favourite. But my wish is for the items to be pink, like what the theme said “Pink Me Up”.

Over the course of 3 months, bellabox Singapore has some what disappointed me with products, more then surprised. What I received as a decent size (not sample size worthy) these 3 months are HARNN Jasmine and Pomegranate Hand Cream,Yes To Carrots Lip Tint, Model Co Lipgloss, and Enavose FloraComfort Micellar Cleansing Water. Paying $60 for 3 months worth, it is sort of worth it but I didnt know what to expect from the boxes. But now looking at the other things in the boxes other then the close to full size items, it’s either not worth the $20 or its not worth since they are products that are pretty unknown and quite unavailable in the country or worldwide.

One reason why I decided to try BellaBox Singapore is because I saw subscription services like Birchbox & ipsy in the USA. And goodness how much more things they are getting for a cheaper price or similar. My time with bellabox ends this month as I am leaving Singapore on the 21st. All I can say is I hope bellabox items continues to grow.

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