FIDé Fashion Weeks 2013 : Day 1 – Balmain

Fide Fashion Weeks 2013 kicks start with Balmain as their first show presentation. Many thanks to Edison Cross for the invitation 😀
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Having moved to Switzerland recently, I started to thank all fashion designers out there. Weather isn’t much like Hot Humid South East Asia. Autumn starts to get cold, real cold. Balmain was my next favorite brand next to Marc Jacobs, but of course to look at. Being a student when i was in Singapore, i never found the need to have a million different outfit nor did i have the extra bucks Studying hospitality made me fall in love with these as we had to wear formal clothing’s.

Out of the many pretty outfits, my faviourite one is the white top with polkadots. I personally would like to wear it in singapore with chiffon instead of professional suit fab. But please someone send me this outfit to switzerland to me in suit fabric ~ totally in love with this style.

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