Shopping at Lausanne – Hermes, Tomas Sabo …

After the last shopping trip i did with my parents 3 weeks ago, my friends and i went to Lausanne to do some shopping. Its a sense of de-stress, but it meant i spent a lot of money as well. Not too sure if its a good thing, or a bad thing…


What I got:

Hermes Eau Des Merveilles – CHF 156
Thomas Sabo bracelet and charm – CHF 91
Cover Girl Last Blast Volume – CHF 11.90
Total: 258.90 CHF + Travel Cost of 25 CHF and dinner of 17 CHF = 296.90 CHF


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Reason on why I bought what i bought

With my favorite perfume being the Marc Jacob Daisy in red bottle with black daisy, but hardly any store carry them anymore as it is a limited addition. My mom uses the Hermes Eau de Perfume version of the Eau de Toilette i purchase. I miss home, the closest thing I have got other then cup noodles and photos is this perfume. This is the most expensive thing i will ever splurge on myself (other then Super Junior Concerts)

My parents bought me a Thomas Sabo bracelet/ Necklace a while ago as present but clumsy me lost it during service practical 😦 I bought one as replacement as i felt itchy without the bracelet on my hands. Though i bought another charm that wasn’t necessary, but its a nice addition to have.

Make up is expensive in Switzerland (what else isn’t?), but i was running out of mascara desperately. And with the Cover Girl Last Blast Volume being raved on youtube for the time that i started getting into make up, i decided to try out cover girl. Its a smaller rarer brand in Singapore, but coming to Switzerland it’s pretty big in the pharmacy level.

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