Korea Festival 2013 – Vizit Korea: Press Conference


Presenting three hottest K-pop groups and famous Korean performers and entertainers into Singapore, Korea Festival 2013 – Vizit Korea was aiming to maintain good bilateral relationship between South Korea and Singapore and to introduce Korean cultures more to the audiences, as it was said by Ms. Yeo Mui Sung, Chairman of MediaCorp VizPro International, Pte. Ltd. alongside with Mr. Yoon Jaewoong, Counselor of Press and Culture Embassy of Republic of Korea, during the press conference commences of the event.

Nu’est, Lee Chae Young, Song Dong II, and Apink were chosen as the representative speakers. Not to forget that A-Jax would also hold their showcase on the last day on the event.
Bringing his family along, Song Dong Il who was casted in one of the top dramas of 2012, ‘Reply 1997’ along with Apink’s Jung Eunji, felt honored to be able to present his country and told his first experience in Singapore. “Thank you! I love Singapore!” speaking in English, he told the audiences who came to enjoy the performances. Moreover, he proudly introduced his lovely daughter, Sung Bin, and his son, Sung Jun, who is casted in one of most popular variety shows nowadays, ‘Dad, Where Are You Going?’ with him.

While being asked what was the good and bad things having his own son on the show, he jokingly said that it was a good thing that he can hang out with him every time. “But after he started to be on the show, he became a little bit more spoilt,” he shyly confessed. He also hoped to not only be able to introduce Korea in Singapore but also introduce Singapore in Korea in the future.
Model and actress, Lee Chae Young, who would also host the day’s event and introduce her movie on the last day, told the audience that for now she felt more comfortable with acting even though many people would agree that she is good at both modeling and acting. As when she was asked the title of her movie which she would introduce, she laughed and asked the audience to anticipate it.


Bomi and Naeun from Apink expressed their gratefulness for all who came to the event and feelings to represent their country to introduce Korean cultures especially with their music. They really hoped people could learn Korean cultures and love K-pop more and also to enjoy the upcoming performances later on.


Opening with their unique group greeting, Aron the oldest member from Nu’est also expressed their gratefulness to be invited to such an event. “It’s an honor to be here, and we hope you guys could learn more about Korean cultures, foods, and people so make sure you guys are excited today.” he said in fluent English. For the first day’s event, Nu’est would be performing one song and they would be holding their showcase the next day. They also promised to sing ‘Yeoppo’ live for the first time during their showcase tomorrow.

Aron recommended to go shopping at Dongdaemun in Korea and try the original Korean food when visiting Korea whilst members of Apink preferred to recommend Jeju island if you have a chance to visit Korea someday as they felt that it is a beautiful island and the sceneries are really breathtaking. As for the variety skills, Bomi and Ren were chosen by the members from each group. “Ren has the best variety skills as he imitates girl group dances very well.” said Aron.

Many thanks to MediaCorp VizPro and Vizit Korea for inviting us to Korea Festival 2013 – Vizit Korea.

Photo and Article by: Amelia

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