H&M Haul – Autumn 2013

>M< Mid term exams just ended 1 months ago and now finals are starting literary tomorrow! URgh 😦 no time to blog. But hey, at least a simple haul post? 😀


Through my current 3 months in Switzerland, i personally have spent more then $2000 SGD on food, make up, clothes and of course, transportation. Above anything, i need to buy what i need even though things are expensive. Going to Lausanne countless of times, i will always end up in H&M to buy some things.


This is the most recent thing i got, a nude eyeshadow palette and a brush. I never knew H&M had a make up section until last week when i went to Lausanne. Craving for a everyday palette that isn’t as matte as the Urban Decay palette, plus a shimmery Taupe and Champagne eyeshadow in a palette, this is just perfect. Plus, the palette only cost CHF 7.90, and the brush CHF 3++. I have been using this daily since i got it 😀 totally worth the price tag.



Sweater. Who doesn’t need one to wear to sleep or just casually. I personally love sweaters, and coming to Switzerland gives me the perfect opportunity and excuse to use it since its end of autumn soon to be winter. And its red! christmas colour!! I would say my only complain and regrets is that its pretty scratchy and its a size too big for me. but hey, this wasn’t even 20 CHF. I can just rid the scratchiness with wearing a long john inside.20131208-193701.jpg

A Oh, so subtle leopard print scarf that cost CHF10, which is graciously paid through my UBS coupon 😀 Another scarf won’t kill, even though it isn’t the warmest of all sc20131208-193729.jpg

Green Parka to compliment the red sweater hahahha!! no, i got this the earliest 2 months ago in Montreux because i was freezing and my leather jacket didn’t perform so well in keeping me warm. It was only CHF 60 if i did not remember wrongly. I use it in school as well as when I’m outside since i really can’t stand the cold. We have to wear business suit to school everyday and for our meals as well (Hospitality school, duh), so being a girl who needs to wear skirt and stocking underneath only, at least my top body is warm with this. 20131208-193737.jpg

2 thoughts on “H&M Haul – Autumn 2013

  1. Whaaaaaat? I thought you will have like summer/spring uniform and the fall/winter uniform! Stay warm ^_^ I will probably be found unconscious on the street by some strangers if I go there in winter hahaha I love wearing sweaters and the red sweater looks nice! Too bad the weather here won’t give me a chance to wear sweaters that often T_T

    1. No 😦 only wish we can wear knee length boots & pants. But noooo. We have to be “professional”. And our school uniform is grey, normal business suit is black. So finding long professional pants that is grey is difficult

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