2014 New Year Resolution!

first of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS 2013 & HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!!

2013 passed by really quickly! I remembered ushering the new year of 2013 in Sapporo, Japan and in a flash I was standing in Venice, Italy for the new years of 2014! It has been an eventful year, there were ups and downs during the last semester of high school, then we became International Baccalaureate certificate/diploma graduates and now most of us are in universities worldwide! The clique I was with in my last years of high school got better and we stayed in contact. Now, I’m the only one who can’t go for the reunion as i will be having my internships during the summers 😦

Upon my high school graduation, i spent 3 months at home in Singapore & Indonesia with my family. In addition, i also went for quite a bit of kpop concerts, press conferences and fan meetings with media passes under my own blog (saranghaey.com), Koreanconcert, and Koreanupdates. In october of 2013, I had 2 new chapters in my life. One is that i have stepped into the 2.0 age, and two, I currently am a Hospitality student in Cesar Ritz, Switzerland. I really am glad that God allowed and blessed me with many oppourtunities in my life.

Now that its 2014, i have set myself a set of resolutions and targets!

  • Less Make – up shopping! 

I don’t need half the make up i have now although its good to have something different. I have a Christmas/New Years make up haul from Italy, and a korean website haul to blog about. I really don’t need to spend anymore more money on make up.

  • Money control

I need to stop spending! Its Switzerland, and its not like i have a stable job yet. i shouldn’t spend so much. the school fees are expensive enough, i shouldn’t burden my parents more with my spendings. Internships are soon, i need to learn how to limit my spendings or i will not have enough to live.

  • Time management 

I have been really bad at this since high school, which resulted in poor grades even now. French is an important language along side German, and i need it badly for my internship. I failed my French 1 course while i was in Term one of my university and now i have to manage my time so i can have time to rest, play, blog and study.

  • Blog more often! 

whats the point of having a blog if i don’t blog often? i paid $18 for this platform, i will have to make the most use out of it. heck, i can even start documenting my french classes so i will make myself reflect. Switzerland is a beautiful country, i will most definitely share the beauty of  this nature to share with families and friend through this platform.

  • More time with God

I need to start to have more defined time with God after i settled down with schedules. Coming to a country with many catholic influences, I need to initiate doing my alone time with God or nothing good will come onto me.

Last but not least

  • Lose weight & eat healthy! 

Too much carbs in europe and not exercising = fat. i gained 3 kgs here i believe from late night food and cup noodles. I NEED MORE VEGES IN ME LIFE! My flabby tummy, thighs and arms 😦 and my skin suffered greatly as well 😦


I believe these aims are achievable. Its not like i want a millionaire boyfriend who is a hunk and over 6 feet tall!

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